Customer Relationship Management

Ticket Management application is a program that enables organizations to resolve their internal support queries by managing and streamlining the process of issue resolution. It handles individual elements called tickets that provide a context of what issue the requester is facing, along with other data like category, priority, etc. At its core, an Asset management software converts all incoming support requests from multiple channels into tickets and acts as a single point of contact between the service provider and the consumer. These ticketing systems can be used to store and manage all IT support, HR, legal, financial, and associated queries. Here, the issues raised in the form of tickets, are analyzed by agents, and are classified, prioritized and provided appropriate resolutions. Our Ticket management system help you find issues, analyze them deeper, and identify the root causes of problems that affect your business productivity. It helps your company overcome the shortcomings of an on-premise ticketing solution in many ways. Firstly, it allows more flexibility in addressing issues. Your agents can work on tickets from anywhere, anytime eliminating the need to sit for long hours in front of the same computer. Agents can log in from multiple devices and access the helpdesk. This also makes service management easier when the company is spread across different geographies.